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The international single degree program was established in 2015 as a responds to the growing needs of future Industrial Engineers that has a unique combination of local wisdom with an international experience. Through these experience, our graduates would be able to act as change agents to enhance the value adding process of not just the national level but also in the international level.

It is part of the strategic directives of Universitas Indonesia to offer an international track of learning. This track is not just for the International Program, but also for the current class of the National Program. This track was also recommended during the evaluation of AUN (ASEAN University Network) Accreditation. AUN International Assessors recognized our high quality students and graduates, which prompt them to push us in opening an international track. This would ensure our students and graduates can be recognized regionally and internationally.


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  1. The Single Degree Program is designed for study period of 4 years (8 semesters) within UI.
  2. The curriculum are exactly the same as the National Program, however all the materials will be delivered in English. You can download the Curriculum: [download id=”1947″].
  3. Students are required to do Study Abroad for a period of at least one semester at an overseas university (during semesters 5 – 7).
  4. The maximum duration of study period is 12 semesters (6 years).
  5. Graduate of this program will receive Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) from Universitas Indonesia.  This is not a double degree program, the degree is only awarded by Universitas Indonesia. You can read about our IE Undergraduate Program Profile here: [download id=”2957″]

Current Partner Universities:

  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia (Industrial Design)
  • University of Queensland, Australia (Business and Management)
  • University of Duissburg Essen / Universität Duisburg-Essen, Jerman (Industrial Engineering)
  • Eindhoven University of Technology (TuE) (Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences)

  • ISTIA, Angers, France (in French Language)

Brosur Teknik Industri S1 International p3Since the program is a single degree program, students can design and choose their own study abroad program at any university that UI has academic cooperation. Universitas Indonesia has cooperation with more than 165 education institutions in more than 35 countries which can be selected by the students. However, please be aware that not all institutions has an Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Program. Industrial Engineering program are uniquely developed first in the United States, therefore it would not be relatively known in European Countries or Commonwealth Education System. This is why several courses in the international program could come not from engineering departments, but from design department or management/business departments (such as in Australian Institutions).

Even if they do have an IE Program  at the Undergraduate level, not all of the were taught in English. The primary partners listed above has already confirms that they will have English based courses available for undergraduate programs.

Information Pages for this Program (in PDF) can be download: [download id=”4056″] .

For more information of list of partners please go to the International Office of Universitas Indonesia.

For more information at International Program at Faculty of Engineering (including curriculum, fees and other information) please go to the Sarjana Kelas International Page.


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