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So how Industrial Engineering UI deploy the concept of Service Systems Engineering (SSE)?

We understand that Industrial Engineers must be able works in diverse industry and positions. They can have different roles to design, install and improve in various stages of process in different organization functions. In these multi-mode requirements, system perspectives were the perfect fit to design our curriculum.
We are using four system perspectives in our curriculum. The four perspectives are derived from 3C of SSE (Connectivity, Co-creation and Comprehensive). There are:

1.    Systems Scales Design Perspective
2.    Systems Components Perspective
3.    Systems Life Cycle Perspective
4.    Integrated Design Perspective

Which support the 3 Primary Roles of Industrial Engineers: Design, Install and Improve.

     SSE - Four Perspectives SSE in IEUI Curriculum


In systems scales perspective, the object of engineering could be in one of the levels from micro level and macro level. We see that there are at least five levels of scale exist, from product, process/workplace, plant/operation, organization and inter-chain of organizations. Industrial Engineers can be product and service engineers, process engineers, plant engineers, managers, executive or any other titles. However, even though industrial engineers sometimes only have a limited responsibility, it is very important that he/she still have knowledge how it linked to other level of scales. Industrial Engineers designing on a new product must consider the capability of process to produce that product, the capacity of the plant, the organization strategic initiatives that demanded that product, the customer who will consume the product and the external supplier for components of our designed product. This perspective is a representative of Co-Creation in 3C of SSE, because at the highest level of scale, the customer and suppliers must be considered in creating and delivering values from the system.

SSE - Systems Multi Scales

SSE - Systems Multi Scales Perspectives in Curriculum


In systems component perspective, industrial engineers often took the responsibility of certain area or functions of the organization. Similar with systems scales perspectives, focusing on one area does not means that we forget any other areas that are interlinked. An industrial engineers who are working the manufacturing of a product must also understand the cost impact of changes in the process, manpower scheduling to achieve its target, energy consumption to reduce energy usage, environmental impact of waste and how to continuously improve the manufacturing processes. This perspective, together with integrated design perspective, is a representative of Connectivity and Co-creation in 3C of SSE.

SSE - Systems Multi Modes

SSE - Systems Component Perspectives in Curriculum



In industrial engineering roles perspective, we are translating the roles of industrial engineers from just design, install and improve to the stages from systems engineering from concept, development, production, utilization, support and retirement/disposal. It is more difficult to map each courses in this perspectives, however product or systems lifecycle. This perspective represent Comprehensiveness in the 3C of SSE.

SSE - Systems Life Cycle Perspectives in Curriculum



In integrated design perspective, we know that we must show and equipped our engineers on how to connecting the multi-mode analysis in their profession. The best to do this is to give them a design task at different level of system scale, from product to enterprise (organization). The different scales would enable them to construct a design solution from what they already learnt. We called this courses capstone design courses, which includes at minimum 3 courses: Product Design, Plant Design and the ultimate capstone course of Industrial Engineering Design. As capstone usually rest at the top of a pyramid structure so is the capstone course. As “Captain Stones” that can only function after other stones that build the structure must available prior hand, the capstone work to connect and integrate what they have learnt so far to create a new system design. This perspective represent Comprehensiveness in the 3C of SSE.
SSE - Systems Capstone Integrated Perspectives in Curriculum

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