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Program Kelas Khusus Internasional

Program Kelas Khusus Internasional

The international single degree program was established in 2015 as a responds to the growing needs of future Industrial Engineers that has a unique combination of local wisdom with an international experience. Through these experience, our graduates would be able to act as change agents to enhance the value adding process of not just the national level but also in the international level.

It is part of the strategic directives of Universitas Indonesia to offer an international track of learning. This track is not just for the International Program, but also for the current class of the National Program. This track was also recommended during the evaluation of AUN (ASEAN University Network) Accreditation. AUN International Assessors recognized our high quality students and graduates, which prompt them to push us in opening an international track. This would ensure our students and graduates can be recognized regionally and internationally. The following graphic shows the flow diagram that represents the curriculum of IEUI.

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