LKTI UI 2011

LKTI 2011 is adopting “Empowering IKM (Small-Medium Industries) as Competitive Advantage For Indonesian Industries” as its main theme. This theme was chosen due to the fact that industrial sector in Indonesia has been dominated by small and medium enterprises (SME). Indonesian’s term for SME is UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah).

LKTI 2011 will be held at Wisma Makara, University of Indonesia. The competition will be divided into one pre-stage and three main-stages.

1. Pre-Eliminary Stage

Estimated date : February 2011
Form of Competition : Call for Paper
Number of Participant : 1-2 team(s) from each university
LKTI 2011 will invite universities around Indonesia with grade A and B in their Industrial Engineering major to participate in this part of competition.
In this stage, each university that registers has to send a paper from their representative team (max 2 teams). The paper should answers a case about IKM that we gives. In the end of this stage, 25 teams will be announced to continue the next stage at UI Campus, Depok.

The pre eliminary stage was already done. And here are the teams who have passed the stage.


2. Eliminary Stage

First Stage, March 7th , 2011
Form of Competition : IEQ Test ( Industrial Engineering Quotion Test)
Number of Participant : 25 teams
In this stage, each participant will be challenged with questions about Industrial Engineering knowledge in general. Participants will be questions to deeply understand the knowledge, basic concept of Industrial Engineering
Second Stage,  March 8th , 2011
Form of Competition : Business Simulation
Number of Participant : 25 teams
Each participant will be conducting a business simulation and production planning and inventory control. There will only be five teams whom will be selected to go to the final stage.

3.     Final Stage, March 10th, 2011
Form of Competition : Case Study
Number of Participant : 5 teams
One day before this stage held, participants will visit IKM to see the first-hand situation at location. Then, they will be given problems/cases about the IKM they will have visited. At the final stage, the teams will deliver a case-study presentation, and show how to solve the occurred problems/cases with Industrial Engineering knowledge methods.